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Roof Restoration & Recovery

Roof Restoration

Cheap roof repairs will cost you more than you bargained for. Successful building owners don’t rely on bad roofers, and especially not unlicensed “storm chasers.” Here today, gone tomorrow. Just like your roof repairs. Turn to the professionals at Ray Nolan Roofing Co., Inc. with in-house licensed architects fully insured to provide cost-effective and long-term solutions for any roof problem.


We Address:

  • Roof leaks

  • Wall leaks

  • Wind damage

  • Punctures

  • Flashing repair & replacement

  • And much more

Roof Recovery

Under the current Building Code, it is acceptable to install a second

roof over an existing dry/uncompromised roof system.*


Installing a second roof system over your existing, original roof is a

cost-effective middleground option between simply repairing your

roof or undergoing a complete reroof.


Our registered architects are experts on up-to-date code and ordinance protocols and will determine if roof recovery is the optimal choice for maintaining the integrity of your building.

*All Roof Manufacturers Require an Infrared Roof Scan for a Recovery Roof System To Get a Warranty.

Let Us Repair the Mistakes Your Last Roofer Made


Learn from the Pros

Find out how easy it could be to transform your roof from an expensive liability into a valuable asset.


Ray Nolan Roofing Co., Inc.

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