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Our History


A Blueprint for Excellence

The Ray Nolan Roofing Co. was founded on June 1, 1957 by Raymond E. Nolan, a Notre Dame bachelors of science in commerce, cum laude graduate. Raymond’s brother-in-law John Patrick Murphy, a University of Louisville School of Business graduate, joined the company as vice president shortly thereafter.

Early Expansion

The company quickly grew beyond our position as Louisville’s new construction applied built-up roofing experts. By bringing only the finest field experts onboard, Ray Nolan Roofing completed our commercial offerings by including hot-applied built-up roof systems, 2-ply modified bitumen systems, all single-ply technologies, and liquid-applied roof systems.

Architects Aboard

John Patrick Murphy’s son Patrick D. Murphy joined the company in 1982. As a registered architect, Patrick delivered an incredible advantage: the Ray Nolan Roofing team was now the only roofing company in Kentucky offering quality control and design options through in-house registered architects.

Increasing Demand

As our status and client list grew, so too did the recognition of the value a registered architect provides to a roofing system across both commercial and residential applications. To ensure we were able to guarantee customers the same gold standard of performance that facilitated such extraordinary demand for our service…

Jean-Paul Grivas joined the Ray Nolan Roofing team in 1993 and became a registered architect in 2004.

Monica Murphy Mittel joined the company in 2011 as an accountant and MBA. She became the first female president of the Kentucky Roofing Contractors Association (KRCA) and now sits on the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) board.

Sean Murphy, a University of Louisville marketing graduate, joined the company in 2016 to lead our marketing & sales team.

Total Package

Our emergency service repair team began offering around-the-clock crisis management for high-quality rapid response to urgent roof events. The addition of our own sheet metal shop allowed us to bring all metal work in house. With 24/7 assistance and quality control over the manufacturing process, Ray Nolan Roofing could guarantee customers the unparalleled quality they expect from start to finish.

We Take Pride in Our History

Our staff stands ready to serve. We welcome the opportunity to engage with you to resolve your roof-related problems and provide cost-effective, long-term solutions.


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