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Roof University

As an industry leader in roof management, it is our belief that sharing our renowned insight and skill set with building owners and facility managers is not a choice, but a responsibility.

Professional Architect-Driven Seminars

We are proud to offer educational seminars that provide both you and your team essential training opportunities in roofing, installation, design and much more. Our registered architects will provide the critical knowledge that helps ensure both your roofing system and building envelope remain in optimal condition and performing with minimized risk of failure.

Acquire Value-Added Skills

You’ll discover how roofs go together properly and learn how to move from reactive roof leak emergencies to proactive roof management.

Save Money While Avoiding:

  • Damage to expensive equipment

  • Destroyed inventory

  • Losses from downtime

  • Injured employees

  • Injured tenants & personal property damage

  • Mold growth

Who Can Attend?

Roof University includes scalable seminars and product demonstrations to accommodate small family-owned businesses to large multi-facility organizations including school systems, government facilities, hospital groups and industrial parks.

  • Roofing 101

  • Crisis Management Vs. Proactive Roof Management

  • Roofs Are Real Estate: The Vegetative Green Roof Option


Why Roof University?

Better-Educated Teams
Better-Informed Decisions
Better Business Outcomes

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Don’t Wait Until It Fails

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Roof University is presented by Ray Nolan Roofing Co., Inc. and Patrick D. Murphy Co., Inc. – Architects.


Seminars may include hands-on training from certified manufacturers.

AIA continuing education credit offered through Builders Exchange of Kentucky.


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