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Roof Reports


Comprehensive Roof System Reports

Most roofing companies give you a brief – and typically incomplete – work order estimate. Every service we offer begins by providing you with one of the most comprehensive, custom, and authoritative roof observation reports in the industry.

Your Report Will Include: 

  • An Executive Summary: We define your roof problems, solutions, budget ranges and timelines simply and clearly.

  • A Roof Plan: We provide scaled architectural drawings that detail every inch of your existing roof structures.

  • A Roof Observation: We score the quality of your existing roofs, each receiving a grade of A through F.

  • Photographs: We capture visual evidence of your current critical problem areas, as well as those areas soon to present problems.

  • Solutions: We recommend solutions that accommodate your short, medium, and long-term property plans.

Ray Nolan Knowledge Is Power

We incorporate all of this information in every single report to make sure you have a total picture and understanding of what your roof needs. Our team is committed to empowering you to make the decision that best suits the needs of your business.


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