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Emergency Roof Repair

Our Critical Problem Response (CPR) Team Is Available Now

Depending on the nature of your roof emergency, you will be directed to our chief architect, who will send qualified members of our team to give you a fast, comprehensive quote for the materials needed, costs, and repair-time estimate.

We then work around the clock to get the materials to your site as quickly as possible, so that repairs can begin immediately.

While our architects bring their analytical and insurance documentation expertise in storm damage events to the situation, the rest of our roofing team responds quickly to get your property safe and dry again, FAST.

Whatever Mother Nature throws your way - hailstorms, blizzards, tornadoes, and more - you can sleep soundly knowing Kentucky’s leading emergency roof repair team is here for you 24/7/365.

Roof Emergency? Call Now
(502) 551-7862



  • Timely leak & moisture infiltration emergency response

  • Storm damage/insurance claims

  • Real-time/outstanding emergency response; reactive


  • One-time roof audit & repair with written report

  • Superior roof performance on a one-time basis

  • Forward looking & proactive


Learn from the Pros

Find out how easy it could be to transform your roof from an expensive liability into a valuable asset.


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