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Green Services

Generate Income from Your Roof

Transform your existing roof into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, fully functional retail space. Adding garden roofs, plazas and decks helps you expand the operational square footage of your business by making the most out of what you already have.

Roofs Are Real Estate

Do you have hundreds or thousands of unutilized square feet on your roof? Start getting the most out of it today.

Reduce Waste, Pollution, & Environmental Degradation

There are a tremendous number of environmental benefits from a vegetative roof, particularly in an urban setting.



A vegetative roof system properly designed and properly installed will have the following advantages:

  • Lower the heat gain & heat loss of the building

  • Reduce the amount of runoff of the rainwater

  • Possible recapture of some of the rainwater for storage and later reuse

  • The overburden of the vegetative roof system will protect the underlying roof membrane and allow for a longer life cycle – usually 1.5x to 2x the life expectancy

  • The vegetation cleans the air in the atmosphere for healthier living

  • The plant growth on the roof lowers the overall urban heat island effect in the surrounding area

  • The roof can be recaptured as an enjoyable and usable space for entertainment and other venues

Garden Roofs Can Last 40 to 50 Years Compared to the 15-Year Average Lifespan of Standard Sloped Commercial Roofs

Our in-house registered architects are certified Green Roof Professionals (GRPs) with extensive training through Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.


Successful green roofs require a combination of knowledge and expertise in the so-called “black arts” and “green arts.” The “black arts” focus on the critical, non-living elements of a green-roof assembly such as waterproofing, structural engineering and project management. The “green arts” deal with the living architectural components such as water management, growing media, plants and maintenance.

Green roof systems may be modular, with drainage layers, filter cloth, growing media and plants already prepared in movable, interlocking trays. Or, each component of the system may be installed separately. Green roof development involves the creation of “contained” green space on top of a human-made structure. This green space could be below, at, or above grade, but in all cases the plants are not planted in the “ground.”

Very few industry professionals currently have the knowledge and expertise that encompass all of these disciplines.

If you are considering utilizing the energy benefits and cost savings of vegetative roofing, you will be at a tremendous advantage with Ray Nolan Roofing’s expertise.


Learn from the Pros

Find out how easy it could be to transform your roof from an expensive liability into a valuable asset.

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