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Roof Management Program

Trusted by over 100 of Kentucky’s Largest Universities, School Systems, Municipalities, Hospitals, Airports and Industrial Parks

Building Protection

Our registered architects will perform biannual inspections that provide preventative maintenance, written and photographic condition reports of every individual component, and timelines for the life-cycle expectancy of your roofing system and building envelope. These special document packages allow you to make cost-effective, proactive decisions that help your roofs last longer through coatings, cleanings, repair scenarios and more.

Financial Protection

Our roof management program clients see the real costs of upcoming roof events. By identifying problems and solutions early, they avoid expensive roof crises, and can budget for the associated costs for that time when their roof comes due to be replaced.

The Total Package Since 1982

Take It to The Bank

The reports you receive in this program can help you get the total value out of your roof from insurance after a storm event, and help you command a higher price at the bargaining table when it’s time to sell your building.


Get Immediate Return on Investment
Using a program for preventative maintenance may allow you to deduct its cost on your taxes. Check with your accountant and find out today.

Proactive Roof Management Is Proactive Financial Planning


The Ray Nolan Roof Management Program



  • Timely leak & moisture infiltration emergency response

  • Storm damage/insurance claims

  • Real-time/outstanding emergency response; reactive


  • One-time roof audit & repair with written report

  • Superior roof performance on a one-time basis

  • Forward looking & proactive



  • Twice-per-year visits with written report & preventative maintenance

  • Best long-term & cost-effective program to gain more useful life from your existing roof

  • Most comprehensive & proactive


Learn from the Pros

Find out how easy it could be to transform your roof from an expensive liability into a valuable asset.


Ray Nolan Roofing Co., Inc.

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