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Infrared Roof Scans

Infrared Roof Scans

Using the latest infrared roof scan technology, our architectural staff will identify the concealed wet areas of your roof before they create significant deterioration and structural liability.

  • Scan during new roof construction

  • Scan before buying a building

  • Scan after severe storms

  • Scan year round to preserve your roof integrity

The Hidden Dangers of Wet Spots

Wet spots cause significant damage to roofs, especially if they aren’t addressed promptly. Leaks, mold growth, and air-quality problems can all cost thousands in emergency repairs. By locating these hazardous zones today, we can take steps to ensure they do not become a much bigger, more expensive problem. Don’t wait until your roof gives in to address your issues.

Cost Effective.

Our Process

Our team takes photos of your roof using a

FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared) Camera to ascertain how much wet insulation exists in the current roof system. You will then receive several options on insulation and how to proceed, including both short and long-term solutions. Once you have the necessary information, you will be able to make the educated decision that works best for you and your company’s bottom line.*


How It Works

Wet roof areas and roof leaks are generally caused by improper design, improper installation, weather/storm damage, lack of timely preventative maintenance and physical damage by people. Wet retains heat. During the daytime, increasing temperatures warm up your existing roof system. After the sun goes down, the roof cools off enough for our FLIR cameras to see the remaining wet sections, which we identify with the infrared camera and document.

*All Roof Manufacturers Require an Infrared Roof Scan for a Recovery Roof System to Get a Warranty.


Learn from the Pros

Find out how easy it could be to transform your roof from an expensive liability into a valuable asset.


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